Lofthouse to Scarhouse Reservoir

Carolyn & Julie set the pace

What water shortage?

That climb sorted out paratrooper material

This view gives an idea of the immense scale of the Dam's Engineering

Mind you don't stand on a grouse on the moor

Edward takes a rare picture of us together

Bluebells and ferns next to How Stean Beck

Julie, Edward and Carolyn ascending How Stean Gorge valley

Just hold on until we walk under!

Distant view of Middlesmoor from How Stean Gorge

The Crown Hotel in Lofthouse

Bluebell wood on the banks of the River Nidd

Cross River Nidd just before Limley Farm

Carolyn, Edward & Julie with walk end in sight

The beginning of Woodale Scar

More bluebells in late May!

Woodale Scar on opposite valley side

View down the Nidd Valley

The dam is releasing excess water, as the reservoir is full

Darkness closing in over Scarhouse Reservoir from dam wall

Looking across the Valley towards Middlesmoor

Richard, Craig and Bramble

No potholers down Goyden Pot today!

First glimpse of Scar House Reservoir

Richard following the country code

View down the Nidd Valley

Richard trying to get Bramble to pose for the camera

The wind wipping up the waves at the Reservoir

The high winds throwing spray across the dam wall

Craig crossing the dam

Scarhouse Reservoir from Nidderdale Way

Scarhouse Reservoir from moorland

Land Rovers on safari in Yorkshire?

Richard and Craig on Dead Man's Hill

Middlesmoor Church towering over the Nidd Valley

Gouthwaite Reservoir and Lofthouse visible in the background