Littondale Walk Photo Gallery

Richard, Bramble and I set off on the Dales Way from Buckden Bridge

to Starbotton

This is the most energic section of the climb up the Wharfedale valley

but it is well rewarded with magnificient views

of Kettlewell further down the Wharfe valley....


Buckden Pike

and Cam Head

Richard and Bramble with Buckden in the far background

A first glimpse of Littondale from the ridge between Wharfedale and Littondale

This would be a brilliant second home - abit isolated though

Arncliffe in sight

Bramble posing for the camera

A closer view of Arncliffe

Cross the River Skirfare stepping stones - its a dry riverbed in summer

This walled green lane was overgrown with vegetation

The Queens Arms comes into view

Richard and Bramble look thirsty

The Queens Arms brews its own ale - Littondale and Potts Beck Ales - and its supurb

Ba-Ba I said short back and sides

The post lunch walk isn't as easy as usual - are you ready to climb Bramble?

Scoska Wood Nature Reserve on the opposite valley side

Looking back at Litton

Nearing the top of the ridge - keep hold of your hat

On top of the world...well Yorkshire anyway

Buckden and Buckden Pike are now in sight

Richard and Bramble take a last look down the Wharfe valley towards Starbotton and Kettlewell

Follow Blue marker posts down the Wharfedale slopes towards Buckden