Keld to Muker Gallery

Julie setting off from Keld

Keld Churchyard

Looking across the Swale Valley

East Gill Force

Crackpot Hall Lead Mine

Crackpot Hall and Swinner Gill

Swinner Gill

The Pennine Way - very rocky underfoot

Swinner Gill

Kisdon Hill

Me on Kisdon Hill

Swaledale panorama

Ramps Holme Bridge

Swaledale View

Looking back at Kisdon Hill

Julie and Steve descending to Muker

Farmers Arms

Muker Post Office

Julie crossing the meadow

Ramps Holme Bridge close up

View upstream from the bridge

Follow the riverside path

Julie sets the pace

Swaledale Sheep

Swinner Gill from the riverside path

Julie and Steve approaching Swinner Gill

Swinner Gill Falls

Looking back down Swaledale

Not far to go now - Keld in sight

East Gill Force

Over the footbridge to return to Keld

Looking from the footbridge downstream