Grassington to Hebden Gallery

The River Wharfe in spate flowing under Grassington Bridge

Follow the riverside path towards Linton

Just above Linton Falls

Looking upstream from Bow Bridge at Linton Falls

Linton Falls from Bow Bridge

Linton Falls again from Bow Bridge

Veer away from the River when this church is visible on the opposite bank

Climb this stile and turn right

The stepping stones are submerged today!

Artistic tree shot

Ducklings struggling against the strong current

Fantastic tree canopy stretch just above Hebden suspension bridge

Me posing in front of Wharfe with Hebden suspension bridge in background

Fearless baby owl!!!

Hebden Suspension Bridge built by William Bell (thankyou Liz Lemal)

Footbridge across Hebden Beck

Hebden Beck

Swing left up into Hebden Village

Nice beer and hearty portions!

Dale vista

A young calf having a rest

No, we don't have any food

Grassington Estate Nature reserve - visit in July for wild flowers

Julie, keep to the path

Needs a little attention. Access - probably only by helicopter

Approaching High Lane, which is a green lane that leads to Grassington

Just watch it

High Lane drops into Grassington