Coverdale Walk Photo Gallery

High Gill Beck above Horsehouse

Julie posing above Horsehouse

Edward and Caroline at the top of High Gill

A bridge/path building gang fixing our route

Edward on Fleensop Moor

Caroline and Julie strike towards the hamlet of Fleensop

Fleensop Moor

Fleensop and confluence of Fleemis Gill and Ray Gill

There were many pheasants in the woodland

First sight of Turp Beck

The Foresters Arms

The Foresters Arms

After Goodman's Gill looking across Coverdale

A house in Gammersgill

The River Cover between Gammersgill and Horsehouse

Thwaite Arms , Horsehouse

Is this a tropical sunset in the Caribbean?


It's Horsehouse...........

in Coverdale

The River Cover

Two new born lambs with mum

The Thwaite Arms - our destination today

Steve's old and worn boots _ Julie I need some new ones

Julie checking my directions

Daffodils out at Gammersgill

Julie's off for a swim in the River Cover

Checking the directions for the fourth time!

Steve posing by a bridge

A black sheep

Two Lamb chops

Ask grumpy Bruce for a pint of Old Peculiar in the Thwaite Arms