Catrigg Force Waterfall Gallery

The Green Lane from Langcliffe to Lower Winskill

Ribblesdale View

Ribblesdale View including the River Ribble

Cairn at the top of the climb towards Lower Winskill

The consensus is...its going to rain...but it didn't

A distant glimpse of Ingleborough

And Pen-y-ghent...

but the real hidden gem is....

Catrigg Foss or Force Waterfall...Julie sits in awe

The lower falls

The main falls

Steve posing in front of the main falls

The main falls from the top

Looking down the main falls and trying not to slip

The Craven Heifer Pub beer garden...look out for the kingfisher

The Craven Heifer Pub from the bridge

Prime Yorkshire Wit

Stainforth bridge over the River Ribble

Stainforth Force Waterfall

Riverbank Woodland just below the force

Peaceful riverside ramble back to Langcliffe

Another old Quarry view from opposite riverbank

wild garlic...

in abundance

River Ribble just below the weir at Stackhouse

Old Mill Pond

A Mill Pond duckling

Cross the Settle-Carlisle Railway to return to Langcliffe