Castle Bolton to Aysgarth Falls Photo Gallery

We start at Castle Bolton

Steve in the Stocks

Bramble hurdling a fence

Looking from Low Thoresby towards the River Ure

The path uses an overgrown green lane

We were confronted with the beast of Wensleydale - stand your ground!

Bramble takes a bath to cool down

Looking back towards Castle Bolton

Aysgarth Lower Falls - Bramble decides wisely not to jump in

The River Ure is in spate

Steve posing with his stick

Approaching the main lower force falls

Steve by Aysgarth Lower Falls 1

Steve by Aysgarth Lower Falls 2

Richard and Bramble by the Lower Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls - the Middle Force

Aysgarth Falls - the Middle Force

Aysgarth Higher Falls from Aysgarth Bridge

Aysgarth Higher Falls from the side of the bridge

Aysgarth Bridge

Richard and Bramble approaching Carperby

Leaving the Wheatsheaf

Bramble decides to go through the stream - even though there is a bridge

Castle Bolton is our end goal